Monday, 5 December 2011

hardest part of life

hi friends, me n my love first time We met when he was in medical school and I was in nursing school.His residency was difficult and long.  He put in long hours and at this point we had 3 kids and one on the way.  I thought our relationship would all go back to normal once the stress of the residency was over.  He seemed happy with us and he loved the kids.  We moved to our dream house and all seemed to be going well, I thought.  We added a beautiful baby to our family and a dog.  We spent the weekends on our boat and spent a lot of time with the kids.   Then I found out he was having an affair with a nurse at work.  He moved out and then begged me to forgive him and I did.  We got counseling and our marriage seemed stronger than it was.....I still had some issues about him lieing to me, but I was moving forward. I confided in a friend that I had made about almost everything.  She was my support and best friend thru it all.  I later found out she befriended me, because she and my husband were having an affair.  They betrayed me and her husband. She took everything I felt or said and switched words around and he believed her over me., and she had him believing I was planning on leaving him even before I knew about thier affair. The hardest part was being betrayed by 2 people I thought loved me and had my best intrest at heart.  The constant lieing right to my face and feeling no remorse for it even to this day.

One tip is to put yourself first.  Think what is best for you because you are your own best advocate.  Listen to your inner voice.  Keep moving forward.  You can never go back

גירושין : מומחים גירושין הטובים ביותר וכלים גירושין מקצועיים זמינים בארץ

is my decision right

Over the years, Gingrich himself has declined to comment on the story’s details, usually relying on some variation of the comment: “removal of evil spirit’m not proud of, and there are things in my life I’m very proud of.” He has acknowledged having extramarital affairs in the past, however.
Although the thrust of the story about his first divorce is not in dispute — Gingrich’s first wife, Jackie Battley, has said previously that the couple discussed their divorce while she was in the hospital in 1980 — other aspects of it appear to have been distorted through constant retelling.

גירושין is the Hebrew word for Divorce.
Most significant, Battley wasn’t dying at the time of the hospital visit; she is alive today. Nor was the divorce discussion in the hospital “a surprise” to Battley, as many accounts have contended. Battley, not Gingrich, had requested a divorce months earlier, according to Jackie Gingrich Cushman, the couple’s second daughter. Further, Gingrich did not serve his wife with divorce papers on the day of his visit (unlike a subpoena, divorce papers aren’t typically “served”).
Gingrich’s marriage to Battley had been troubled for many years before it dissolved 31 years ago, both parties have said. Battley, who is seven years older than Gingrich, had been Gingrich’s high school math teacher in Columbus, Ga. They began dating after he graduated and were married in 1962, when Gingrich was 19 and a freshman at Emory University in Atlanta.

problems due to divorce

Man and woman when they start a life very happy mood and both are think that we will manage our life we will never fight but after some time they will start the fighting misbehave with each other so that if they solve their problem than ok otherwise or mostly in these days people believe in divorce and just a littel misunderstanding create a big issue and after that take a wrong decision and so that their life start will go to hell

For almost as long as Newt Gingrich has been in public life, an unflattering story has shadowed him: that as a rising young Republican congressman from Georgia, Gingrich ended his first marriage by serving his wife with divorce papers while she lay in a hospital bed dying of cancer.
The story has been trumpeted by Gingrich’s political opponents, endlessly recycled by the news media and repeated even by would-be allies, including social conservatives, who have long had doubts about the thrice-married former House speaker. As candidate Gingrich has risen to the top of some polls in the past few weeks, the story has inevitably surfaced again. Variations have turned up on MSNBC and in the National Journal, columns and blogs, and two British newspapers in just the past week.

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Monday, 28 November 2011

Relation between Divorce Problems and Astrology

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Astrology is the answer for many problems though many never believe this but it is effective. Our Sun signs can tell a lot about our personalities if studied by an expert.
I am a Astrologer myself and works as a tantrik in Chandigarh (India). I usually come across many cases of divorce and conflicts
 between married couples. What I notice as a biggest reason is expecting much from one another (more than needed). Another big reason is not to understand the partner; we just want our partner to be like us but not ready to change ourselves according to him/her. I will discuss here a latest case of dispute between two married couples who came to me for some solution.

That male was a Taurus and female was a Libra. Due to my big experience it knew the reasons for the dispute
 between them. A Libra mail is always a Dominant one and love to maintain a discipline around him whereas a Libra woman loves to play, sing and enjoy every moment of her life. She is somewhat moody but still very strict to her ethics and values. The Different problems which occur between these 2 personalities are: -

•        Expectations of mail partner which she can overlook due to her moody character.
•        Libra needs a Space and alone time to survive which she might not give him (she thinks
 it’s a crime to be alone).
•        She must have many friends (males too) due to her extra friendly nature this can makes a Taurus man feel
•        She will defiantly try to sort things out but the hard and strict behavior of Taurus will not help.
•        Her mantle state Changes more rapidly than Share rates; it will just make things more confusing.
•        He notices
 each and every word of her (I mean that) while she rarely thinks about what she is saying.
So there are many potential reasons for unrest
 between a Libra and a Taurus partner. My client reasons were same. They want me to use some magic due to my status as Black magic specialist. But as I knew the exact reason of their fights hence I knew the right treatment too.
It might sound funny to you but a
 Libra and Taurus makes one of the best pairs. In spite of their completely different personalities they can come out as a best pair due to the commitment of Taurus and Charm of Libra. Just a Little adjustments and this team is ready to create new relationship standards.
I told them to made a little bit of adjustments only like
•        Give some alone time to Taurus.
•        Never stop your Libra wife to out with friends (believe me she will never cheat on you).
•        Spend some quality time together (other than Sex).
•        Give
 each other Surprises as both these personalities love Gifts and Surprises.
When I call them last time they were happy than ever before and it gave an example about the relation
 between Divorce and Astrology. 

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Saturday, 22 October 2011

Why we take divorce

This is a really big Question, why it happens??? We do a lots of promises in the beginning but then we forget all and divert our ways.
We feel so passionately in love but then we don't want even a look of our partner.
The question arises is "what was that in the beginning?".
In the beginning of our relationship, we declared our self the best lovers present; most caring, most respecting and close to each other. But in the end, figures just changes dramatically and nothing left in control.
Was that a crush or lack of experience? here is the answer.

"When we love someone too much than we start feeling them as a part of our life and we want them to change according to us" 

This is the biggest cause why a relationship ends, and this is why we take גירושין (Divorce)

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Implications of divorce

Divorce (גירושין) brings a variety of long-term economic, social, physical, and mental health consequences , although the full extent of such effects remains hotly debated. Comparisons of life outcomes or well-being along the simple divorced/not divorced axis  always show poorer outcomes for the group which is composed entirely of unhappy couples, telling simply that being part of a happy couple is better than being part of an unhappy one.
Children of divorced parents are reported to have a higher chance of behavioral problems than those of non-divorced parents (a mix of happy and unhappy families). Studies have also reported the former to be more likely to suffer abuse than children in intact families, and to have a greater chance of living in poverty.All children of divorced parents had lived in unhappy homes, they unsurprisingly reported numerous unhappy experiences.  A peaceful divorce will naturally have less of an impact on children, disregarding of course external factors such as how attached children are to each parent, the visitation rights arranged, and the general environment the children are brought up in.
many health related problems that may arise are:
  • cancer
  • stroke
  • heart problems
  • sexually transmitted diseases
  • rheumatoid arthritis

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Divorce Side effects

A person's belief on love ends after divorce. It is a stoppage in an individual's love life and along with it, brings a  versatile side effects that affect a person emotionally as well as mentally and make him/her weak and down, deprives him/her of concentration on work and career.

The Effects of Divorce on Children – What to Expect
When you first “break the news” to your child, their initial reaction might vary from extreme anger, to sadness, to drawing an immediate conclusion that their parents’ breakup is their fault. One of the most damaging effects of divorce on children is the different “outlets” they turn to in an effort to deal with their hurt and pain.
Unfortunately, one of these “outlets” is…drugs.
Kids use drugs to cover up the emotional pain they’re feeling as a result of the troubling events that led to the divorce. This often leads to poor grades in school and even can result in the child dropping out of school completely.
But aside from those “physical” effects of divorce, there are many damaging emotional side effects that your children will carry with them for the rest of their lives. For instance, studies have proven that one of the most common emotional effects of divorce on children has been low self-esteem.
This lack of self-esteem carries into their adult lives and leads to many unpleasant side effects like troubled relationships, difficulties finding a job and marital troubles.

Other effects of divorce on children include:
  • self-blame or guilt; feeling responsible for parental problems
  • alcohol use, or other self-destructive behavior
  • feelings of abandonment
  • sadness, and even suicidal thoughts or behavior
  • withdrawal from family, friends, and/or activities
  • anger (at self and others), rage or even violent behavior
  • acting out, defiance and limit-testing behavior
  • sexual activity
  • Divorce, disease and death    Divorce is painful for both the partners if both of them started with the promise to remain together in life. Some of the mental health indicators affected by divorce include  depression, hostility, self-acceptance, personal growth and positive relations with others. divorced people show higher rates of emotional disturbance, accidental death and death from heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure and damage of the liver. These deaths could be related to psychological functioning as divorce required a profound readjustment.
  • Anger and blood pressure     Some people harbor anger even after divorce, it is usually much harder for such people to accept the reality that the  relationship has come to an end. In the course of normal conversation, a person’s blood pressure can rise dramatically. However, the rise is minimal when people are talking to their pets, spouses or close friends.

There’s evidence that divorce can also become an all-engulfing stress for many, even if they are getting divorced for the right reasons. There’s a need for internal and external reorganization after a divorce. The effects are not just short-term. Even after many years divorced people have trouble reconnecting with the opposite sex.

Women are stressed before divorce because of financial and social reason but men are stressed after divorce because they have to take care of so many things which they never had to deal with in the past. Those who form new intimate relationships soon after divorce are most likely to recover from divorce sooner than the others who remained unmarried.

Divorce, anxiety and parenthood
Rates of car accidents, alcoholism, drug abuse, depression and anxiety increase among men who remained single after divorce for a longer period. However, divorced mothers who must deal with such added stresses as poverty, continued conflicts with their former husbands or problems in child-rearing also face long-term risks to their emotional health. Divorced mothers of teen-age sons have an especially hard time, she and others have found, but mothers of very young  children usually have difficulties too, particularly if they do not have outside jobs.

Contact with children
It’s hard raising kids alone. Soon after divorce parenting breaks down and becomes inconsistent and punitive. Children can complicate the lives of the divorced but their presence can also reduce the suicide potential of the parents.
Contact with ex-partner
The ”bonds of attachment” between former spouses last much longer than either of them would have expected, even for the one who most wanted the divorce. Divorced spouses often continue to be valuable resources for one another. When there is a moderate amount of contact between the spouses emotional disturbance are less.
Social Circle
Lack of friends or social contacts is associated with anxiety and depression among the divorced and seemed to be especially important in the longer run.

If love and marriage has a feeling like heaven, DIVORCE brings a feel of hell..