Monday, 28 November 2011

Relation between Divorce Problems and Astrology

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Astrology is the answer for many problems though many never believe this but it is effective. Our Sun signs can tell a lot about our personalities if studied by an expert.
I am a Astrologer myself and works as a tantrik in Chandigarh (India). I usually come across many cases of divorce and conflicts
 between married couples. What I notice as a biggest reason is expecting much from one another (more than needed). Another big reason is not to understand the partner; we just want our partner to be like us but not ready to change ourselves according to him/her. I will discuss here a latest case of dispute between two married couples who came to me for some solution.

That male was a Taurus and female was a Libra. Due to my big experience it knew the reasons for the dispute
 between them. A Libra mail is always a Dominant one and love to maintain a discipline around him whereas a Libra woman loves to play, sing and enjoy every moment of her life. She is somewhat moody but still very strict to her ethics and values. The Different problems which occur between these 2 personalities are: -

•        Expectations of mail partner which she can overlook due to her moody character.
•        Libra needs a Space and alone time to survive which she might not give him (she thinks
 it’s a crime to be alone).
•        She must have many friends (males too) due to her extra friendly nature this can makes a Taurus man feel
•        She will defiantly try to sort things out but the hard and strict behavior of Taurus will not help.
•        Her mantle state Changes more rapidly than Share rates; it will just make things more confusing.
•        He notices
 each and every word of her (I mean that) while she rarely thinks about what she is saying.
So there are many potential reasons for unrest
 between a Libra and a Taurus partner. My client reasons were same. They want me to use some magic due to my status as Black magic specialist. But as I knew the exact reason of their fights hence I knew the right treatment too.
It might sound funny to you but a
 Libra and Taurus makes one of the best pairs. In spite of their completely different personalities they can come out as a best pair due to the commitment of Taurus and Charm of Libra. Just a Little adjustments and this team is ready to create new relationship standards.
I told them to made a little bit of adjustments only like
•        Give some alone time to Taurus.
•        Never stop your Libra wife to out with friends (believe me she will never cheat on you).
•        Spend some quality time together (other than Sex).
•        Give
 each other Surprises as both these personalities love Gifts and Surprises.
When I call them last time they were happy than ever before and it gave an example about the relation
 between Divorce and Astrology. 

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