Thursday, 11 August 2011

Implications of divorce

Divorce (גירושין) brings a variety of long-term economic, social, physical, and mental health consequences , although the full extent of such effects remains hotly debated. Comparisons of life outcomes or well-being along the simple divorced/not divorced axis  always show poorer outcomes for the group which is composed entirely of unhappy couples, telling simply that being part of a happy couple is better than being part of an unhappy one.
Children of divorced parents are reported to have a higher chance of behavioral problems than those of non-divorced parents (a mix of happy and unhappy families). Studies have also reported the former to be more likely to suffer abuse than children in intact families, and to have a greater chance of living in poverty.All children of divorced parents had lived in unhappy homes, they unsurprisingly reported numerous unhappy experiences.  A peaceful divorce will naturally have less of an impact on children, disregarding of course external factors such as how attached children are to each parent, the visitation rights arranged, and the general environment the children are brought up in.
many health related problems that may arise are:
  • cancer
  • stroke
  • heart problems
  • sexually transmitted diseases
  • rheumatoid arthritis

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Divorce Side effects

A person's belief on love ends after divorce. It is a stoppage in an individual's love life and along with it, brings a  versatile side effects that affect a person emotionally as well as mentally and make him/her weak and down, deprives him/her of concentration on work and career.

The Effects of Divorce on Children – What to Expect
When you first “break the news” to your child, their initial reaction might vary from extreme anger, to sadness, to drawing an immediate conclusion that their parents’ breakup is their fault. One of the most damaging effects of divorce on children is the different “outlets” they turn to in an effort to deal with their hurt and pain.
Unfortunately, one of these “outlets” is…drugs.
Kids use drugs to cover up the emotional pain they’re feeling as a result of the troubling events that led to the divorce. This often leads to poor grades in school and even can result in the child dropping out of school completely.
But aside from those “physical” effects of divorce, there are many damaging emotional side effects that your children will carry with them for the rest of their lives. For instance, studies have proven that one of the most common emotional effects of divorce on children has been low self-esteem.
This lack of self-esteem carries into their adult lives and leads to many unpleasant side effects like troubled relationships, difficulties finding a job and marital troubles.

Other effects of divorce on children include:
  • self-blame or guilt; feeling responsible for parental problems
  • alcohol use, or other self-destructive behavior
  • feelings of abandonment
  • sadness, and even suicidal thoughts or behavior
  • withdrawal from family, friends, and/or activities
  • anger (at self and others), rage or even violent behavior
  • acting out, defiance and limit-testing behavior
  • sexual activity
  • Divorce, disease and death    Divorce is painful for both the partners if both of them started with the promise to remain together in life. Some of the mental health indicators affected by divorce include  depression, hostility, self-acceptance, personal growth and positive relations with others. divorced people show higher rates of emotional disturbance, accidental death and death from heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure and damage of the liver. These deaths could be related to psychological functioning as divorce required a profound readjustment.
  • Anger and blood pressure     Some people harbor anger even after divorce, it is usually much harder for such people to accept the reality that the  relationship has come to an end. In the course of normal conversation, a person’s blood pressure can rise dramatically. However, the rise is minimal when people are talking to their pets, spouses or close friends.

There’s evidence that divorce can also become an all-engulfing stress for many, even if they are getting divorced for the right reasons. There’s a need for internal and external reorganization after a divorce. The effects are not just short-term. Even after many years divorced people have trouble reconnecting with the opposite sex.

Women are stressed before divorce because of financial and social reason but men are stressed after divorce because they have to take care of so many things which they never had to deal with in the past. Those who form new intimate relationships soon after divorce are most likely to recover from divorce sooner than the others who remained unmarried.

Divorce, anxiety and parenthood
Rates of car accidents, alcoholism, drug abuse, depression and anxiety increase among men who remained single after divorce for a longer period. However, divorced mothers who must deal with such added stresses as poverty, continued conflicts with their former husbands or problems in child-rearing also face long-term risks to their emotional health. Divorced mothers of teen-age sons have an especially hard time, she and others have found, but mothers of very young  children usually have difficulties too, particularly if they do not have outside jobs.

Contact with children
It’s hard raising kids alone. Soon after divorce parenting breaks down and becomes inconsistent and punitive. Children can complicate the lives of the divorced but their presence can also reduce the suicide potential of the parents.
Contact with ex-partner
The ”bonds of attachment” between former spouses last much longer than either of them would have expected, even for the one who most wanted the divorce. Divorced spouses often continue to be valuable resources for one another. When there is a moderate amount of contact between the spouses emotional disturbance are less.
Social Circle
Lack of friends or social contacts is associated with anxiety and depression among the divorced and seemed to be especially important in the longer run.

If love and marriage has a feeling like heaven, DIVORCE brings a feel of hell.. 

    Friday, 5 August 2011

    The effects of divorce on men and how to recover

    The effects of divorce on men however are a lot sketchier for a number of reasons.
    • Men don't often speak about their experiences
    • Society expects men to simply 'deal with it'
    • There are more women's groups willing to find these things out
    There is of course a lot of anecdotal evidence of the negative effects of divorce on a man's life and mental health which this blog will cover:

    Depression :Men get sad and low from losing their wife and their family. This is not a difficult thing to imagine, but full blown depression is also something that is very common.

    Anger:Seemingly uncontrollable anger can manifest in men who were once mild mannered and friendly because of divorce.

    Loss of Self Esteem:A mans pride in himself is shaken when the women who promised to love him forever says she no longer does. His house, his family, and his place in the world is shaken so his self esteem plummets.

    Loss of Status:A man is often judged by his marriage and family in our society rather than his personal character. This status of being a husband and a family man is a part of a man's personality and the loss of this status makes other judge him poorly even if they do not intent to. 

    Alcohol and Drugs:Many men turn to substance abuse to numb their pain and have a high in the midst of a time of extreme lows. This can become addictive and lead to a post-divorce life even more miserable hat can hurt their finances, mental health, children, family and many more people who care about them.

    Difficulty Trusting Women:One of the most poisonous effects of divorce on men is the broken trust that in some men never heals. While men may move on to other relationship an inherent distrust and often bitterness towards women in general can often remain that will destroy their attempts at future happiness.

    How to Forget Your Ex Wife and Move on

    Learning how to forget your ex wife and move on from your divorce is not easy, but it is vital to be free of the negative impact of your marriage break up. All too often men can be laid low by hearing a song that reminds you of god or bad times, or glancing a picture in the corner of your eye that brings back memories of happier times, then your mind cannot stop the flood of emotions and memories that can overwhelm you. A few ways to avoid such situation are:

    Live in the Now: Concentrate on your senses. What can you smell, hear, taste, see?
    Now close your eyes, then try to feel all of this at once.This will enable you to bring your consciousness back from bad memories of the past and pressures of the future to just your exact state at the moment free of many negative things.
    Wash Away Memories: First imagine your bad memories of your ex wife and your marriage as a layer of dirt all over your body.
    Imagine now a hot shower, steam billowing out form its cleansing heat.
    Take an imaginary step into this shower and imagine a cleansing of this dirt from your body.
    Imagine the memories as layers of dirt sliding off your body to wash down the drain.
    Imagine a particularly bad memories falling out form your heart and your chest to disintegrate in the water and wash away.
    Keep doing this until you feel clean.
    Open your eyes now and you should have lessened the effects of these memories or even completely negated the effects of them!

    For more help and advice on how to forget your ex wife and move in from your divorce, click ABOVE to find a complete road map to ease the emotional turmoil and gain the happiness and fulfillment that can come from being free of the memories of your ex and are having these effects impact on your life in negative ways then you need some help.    

    גירושיןלפנות לכלים גירושין, עורכי דין גירושין מקצועיים

    Thursday, 4 August 2011

    Divorce Humour

    Divorce ( גירושין )  is like passing a kidney stone. It hurts like hell, takes what seems forever to pass, results in an enormous bill, and men will always think they have something great to show for it when they get to keep the worthless stone. Marriage is the sole cause of divorce.

    One woman says to another, "Isn't your wedding ring on the wrong finger?" The other woman replies, "Why, yes, it is. I married the wrong man"! 

    Man is incomplete until he is married. Then he is finished.

    One of the reasons that fifty percent of marriages end in divorce is that those men who promised that they'd die for their woman just don't come through.

    When two people decide to get a divorce, it isn't a sign that they don't understand one another, but a sign that they have, at last, begun to.

    Divorce is bachelor-hood, with strings attached.

    Of all the new weight loss programs and exercise videos available, divorce is still the most effective. Where else can you get rid of 205 pounds in a quick 90 days.

    To be happy with a man, you must understand him a lot and love him a little. To be happy with a woman, you must love her a lot and not try to understand her at all.

    "I Will" is the shortest sentence in the english language..."I Do" is the longest.

    Tuesday, 2 August 2011

    Movies on Divorce

     Movies are a great way to unwind from our hectic lives, and they often highlight some of the same challenges we face. We see ourselves becoming heroes or falling in love, just like the characters on the big screen. Movies can even make divorce look glamorous. I have highlighted some pretty good movies that show different aspects of divorce. Top movies related to divorce are:

    1. One Fine Day (1996)

    2. Mrs. Doubtfire (1993)

    3. The War of the Roses (1989)

    4.Waiting to Exhale (1995)

    5. The Squid and the Whale (2005)

    6. Stepmom (1998)

    7. Whole Nine Yards (2000)