Friday, 5 August 2011

The effects of divorce on men and how to recover

The effects of divorce on men however are a lot sketchier for a number of reasons.
  • Men don't often speak about their experiences
  • Society expects men to simply 'deal with it'
  • There are more women's groups willing to find these things out
There is of course a lot of anecdotal evidence of the negative effects of divorce on a man's life and mental health which this blog will cover:

Depression :Men get sad and low from losing their wife and their family. This is not a difficult thing to imagine, but full blown depression is also something that is very common.

Anger:Seemingly uncontrollable anger can manifest in men who were once mild mannered and friendly because of divorce.

Loss of Self Esteem:A mans pride in himself is shaken when the women who promised to love him forever says she no longer does. His house, his family, and his place in the world is shaken so his self esteem plummets.

Loss of Status:A man is often judged by his marriage and family in our society rather than his personal character. This status of being a husband and a family man is a part of a man's personality and the loss of this status makes other judge him poorly even if they do not intent to. 

Alcohol and Drugs:Many men turn to substance abuse to numb their pain and have a high in the midst of a time of extreme lows. This can become addictive and lead to a post-divorce life even more miserable hat can hurt their finances, mental health, children, family and many more people who care about them.

Difficulty Trusting Women:One of the most poisonous effects of divorce on men is the broken trust that in some men never heals. While men may move on to other relationship an inherent distrust and often bitterness towards women in general can often remain that will destroy their attempts at future happiness.

How to Forget Your Ex Wife and Move on

Learning how to forget your ex wife and move on from your divorce is not easy, but it is vital to be free of the negative impact of your marriage break up. All too often men can be laid low by hearing a song that reminds you of god or bad times, or glancing a picture in the corner of your eye that brings back memories of happier times, then your mind cannot stop the flood of emotions and memories that can overwhelm you. A few ways to avoid such situation are:

Live in the Now: Concentrate on your senses. What can you smell, hear, taste, see?
Now close your eyes, then try to feel all of this at once.This will enable you to bring your consciousness back from bad memories of the past and pressures of the future to just your exact state at the moment free of many negative things.
Wash Away Memories: First imagine your bad memories of your ex wife and your marriage as a layer of dirt all over your body.
Imagine now a hot shower, steam billowing out form its cleansing heat.
Take an imaginary step into this shower and imagine a cleansing of this dirt from your body.
Imagine the memories as layers of dirt sliding off your body to wash down the drain.
Imagine a particularly bad memories falling out form your heart and your chest to disintegrate in the water and wash away.
Keep doing this until you feel clean.
Open your eyes now and you should have lessened the effects of these memories or even completely negated the effects of them!

For more help and advice on how to forget your ex wife and move in from your divorce, click ABOVE to find a complete road map to ease the emotional turmoil and gain the happiness and fulfillment that can come from being free of the memories of your ex and are having these effects impact on your life in negative ways then you need some help.    

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