Monday, 18 July 2011

About Divorce

When everything in a life has been turned upside down, figuring out how to handle divorce is one of the tougher things that one can possibly encounter. Divorce does not only mean that people have to deal with the end of a relationship, but they also have to figure out how to share and split everything. For most people it is always very hard to deal with divorce. Making the decision to divorce is never easy.  No one enters a marriage believing that it will end in divorce some day , however almost 50 per cent of all marriages do end in divorce.Divorce leads to separation of two lives. The change after divorce is painful for some but all change is difficult, and divorce, whatever else it may be, is change. 
Divorce is not another word for disaster. Divorcing at best is an unhappy experience, and it may not even be a solution. Yet, in itself, divorce need not be either a bad thing or a good thing. Divorce is not automatically a destructive experience. Divorce may also be a cleansing and healing one, for the child as well as you. Divorce is only what the human beings involved may make of it. Divorce is a type of loss for many people, and a tough transition.

Divorce is not the costliest experience possible to a child(Divorce and Children). Unhappy marriage without divorce - what we shall call emotional divorce - can be, far more destructive to him than divorce. Particularly, during the first year after divorce, people usually have a hard time re-establishing their lifestyle as singles again. There are some things that a person can try to do in order to make the process of divorce and recovery go as smooth as it possibly can. While divorce is scary for anyone, it is especially scary for men. Our legal system in many ways is biased against the husband in divorce.

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