Saturday, 23 July 2011

How to cope with divorce

Coing with divorce is difficult for every member related to a divorced couple. Men going through a divorce will often try to withdraw into a cocoon of self-protection. They often don't feel like being with others. So try to find ways to get him out of his cocoon by getting him out of the house. Find a favorite activity of his and enjoy it with him. Golf, camping, fishing, bowling are all good ideas. Even a walk or a drive can help. Some men will not know where to turn for help if they are not able to cope on their own. Pointing to a good family law attorney, helping him find the courthouse, getting him to church, or seeking competent psychological help when needed can be important at a time of crisis. 

 Realize that coping with a divorce takes time. Telling  a person to "get on with his life" too early can be damaging. Let him work through the process of grieving and coping with his loss. Even friends can help a person alot in coping with divorce and to maange the condition of divorce and children.  

The person who divorced may be able to come out of this situation but for his/her children its very difficult to cope up with this. For them they might me a reason for it. It may make them feel guilty sometimes, they also feel embarrasing in telling such things to their friends. also. So while coping with divorce is very essential for a divorced person to live his remaining life.

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